Monday, April 6, 2015


OMG JAMMERS! I met the nicest person on AJ that I have ever known!! I had my rare elf bracelets on trade, and they traded me rare elf bracelets and a RARE SHORT PINK SPIKE!!! OMG!! I didn't even know this person, we are buddies now, but people on AJ are never this generous, especially if they don't even know you! This amazing person is InfinitiiAJ. She is so amazing!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Pink and Blue Spiked Collar!!!

HEY JAMMERS THIS IS MY BEST DAY EVER!! So, here's what happened. I was at the adventure base camp, looking for an adventure, and someone offered me a silver wristband and a pink worn for my pink and white raccoon tail. I instantly accepted. Then, someone beside me said, "I wanted that worn :(". I went onto their trade list and traded my pink worn for their pink and blue spiked collar. They declined. Then, I traded my pink worn and my silver spiked wristband. They accepted. I was videocalling with my friend, kh0310 (I know her in real life, don't worry), I freaked out. She freaked out. It was the best day ever! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jamaa Journal - April 2, Vol 143

Hai jammers! If you haven't seen the newest issue of Jamaa Journal, here it is! On the front cover, it talks about a new seasonal adventure for Easter, which I will make a YouTube video for and also post here on my blog as soon as I get the chance.

Say hello to the whole new set of den items! Buy them all and pretend to be Spock! Haha.

That's right, if you plan on getting a Polar bear, you better do it soon! Because of the warm weather, the Polar Bears are traveling to a colder climate. April 16th is their last day in Jamaa. But don't worry, they will be back when colder weather comes around.

Here that, jammers? There is going to be a new animal in Jamaa! AJHQ, like always, gave us a hint to what it could be. Guessing from the tail, which looks pretty similar to the tail of the gecko in one of the Jam-a-Gram themes, the new animal could be a gecko or lizard. Nobody can be sure though, except for AJHQ. What do you guys think the new animal will be? Tell me in the comments below.