Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jamaa Journal - April 2, Vol 143

Hai jammers! If you haven't seen the newest issue of Jamaa Journal, here it is! On the front cover, it talks about a new seasonal adventure for Easter, which I will make a YouTube video for and also post here on my blog as soon as I get the chance.

Say hello to the whole new set of den items! Buy them all and pretend to be Spock! Haha.

That's right, if you plan on getting a Polar bear, you better do it soon! Because of the warm weather, the Polar Bears are traveling to a colder climate. April 16th is their last day in Jamaa. But don't worry, they will be back when colder weather comes around.

Here that, jammers? There is going to be a new animal in Jamaa! AJHQ, like always, gave us a hint to what it could be. Guessing from the tail, which looks pretty similar to the tail of the gecko in one of the Jam-a-Gram themes, the new animal could be a gecko or lizard. Nobody can be sure though, except for AJHQ. What do you guys think the new animal will be? Tell me in the comments below.

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