Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Next Land in Animal Jam - River Delta?

When you look on the map, you can see an area beside Mt. Shiveer and Appondale. The area is dark like the other areas before they became inhabited by jammers. Is AJHQ planning a new biome? If you were on Animal Jam in the older days, you would know that Coral Canyons, Mt. Shiveer, and Appondale didn't even exist! That means that there could be more biomes to come! Maybe one day, the World Map will have so many areas, we will be able to scroll around to see them! What are your theories about the empty areas? Tell me in the comments below! :)

P.S: Anyone else ever notice that the World Map kinda resembles Asia?
(Click to enlarge)


  1. i think AJHQ won't add another place until they finish play wild because, they would have to delay the app release date and continue making the new place. also i wonder if there will ever be a lake place? when u mentioned scrolling up and around maybe there would be a big fat lake ( if u know what the warriors books are you could see it as that maybe.)

  2. There should be a jungle place... That would be EPIC!

  3. I was thinking that maybe there would be other islands you could travel to (Like LPSO, but it's very unlikely anyone here has played that). It would be a very cool idea!

  4. bro that's kimbara OUTBACK is not baised on india. Oh yeah, its not like I've seen AYERS ROCK there or anything.